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Summary of Responsibilities:

Security Officers' are responsible for providing support to stadium security in the event of any escalated incident and to provide arrest powers if necessary. Security officers' staff gates, direct traffic, respond to incidents and resolve conflicts as necessary. The primary goal of the security officers is to provide armed security for the Springfield Cardinals events located at Hammons Field.

 Essential Functions of the Job:

  • Performs duties in a respectful, professional and dignified manner ensuring compliance with established standards
  • Conducts the required patrols as outlined by your Post Instructions and Supervisor Informational Updates in a manner that is investigative, complete, competent and dedicated to the standards of the club
  • Responsible for maintaining order on the property, utilizing the respect, care and to the greatest extent possible, positive customer service in dealing with guests, visitors, employees and unknown individual
  • Responsible for ensuring that trespassers and undesirable individuals are kept off of the property, utilizing the legal methods outlined in the provided policies and procedures. Take recommended action to deal with undesired conduct and law violations in compliance with established policy; make no mistaken accusations
  • Prepared to take immediate and appropriate action in responding to emergencies, situations and events as situations dictate
  • Complete all duties as otherwise assigned in a timely and professional manner

Education and Experience Required for the Position:

  • Full-time deputy with Green County Sheriff's Department
  • Knowledge of local and state laws and statutes
  • Knowledge of use of force
  • Knowledge of arrest powers

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